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Safety Standard Certificate

The safety standard Certificate is a document designed to protect the consumer by forcing the inspection of a vehicle to be sold, by a competent licensed mechanic . The SSC also ensures that only safe, roadworthy vehicles are on the roads in Ontario.
JMK Auto Tire  is an authorized MTO Motor Vehicle Inspection Station (MVIS) capable of performing “safeties” and issuing a safety standards certificate. Look for a green and white sign that indicates that a mechanic qualifies as a certified inspector.

The safety standard Certificate is composed by three copies designated:

  • “MTO copy” (to be surrendered to a license issuer at the moment of the transfer)
  • “Purchaser’s copy” A yellow carbon copy (for the vehicle purchasers personal records).
  • A copy which remain in the “Mechanics book” for his records.

You need this certificate when you:

  • Register a rebuilt motor vehicle
  • Transfer a used motor vehicle to a new owner as fit
  • Register a motor vehicle in Ontario that was previously registered in another province or country
  • Change the status of a vehicle from unfit to fit
Vehicles are considered unfit when they do not meet the minimum basic safety standards to drive on Ontario roads